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Healthcare Journal of new orleans
JAN / FEB 2014
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Saints’ Lofton Visits Dental
School for Big Turnover
New Orleans Saints inside linebacker, #50 Curtis
Lofton, recently joined Dr. Joey Lacoste, President
of Louisiana Dental Center and 1980 graduate of
the LSUHSC School of Dentistry, to present a check
to his alma mater for the fourth season of the Big
Turnover Program.
Louisiana Dental Center, a private group den-
tal practice, unites a commitment to support
the LSUHSC School of Dentistry with its enthusi-
asm for New Orleans Saints football by pledging
to donate, or turn over, $250 for every takeaway
the Saints’ defense creates. This year, Louisiana
Dental Center presented a donation of $8,100 to
Dr. Henry Gremillion, Dean of the LSUHSC School
of Dentistry. The gift includes $3,750, the final
payment of a $15,000 pledge to renovate and
upgrade the preclinical teaching labs at the den-
tal school, as well as $4,350 to support the LSUHSC
Dental Summer Enrichment Program, an inten-
sive program for undergraduate students from
under-represented minorities or disadvantaged
backgrounds to prepare them for dental school
admission and improve the diversity of the dental
profession serving Louisiana.
The LSUHSC School of Dentistry is the only den-
tal school in the State of Louisiana and about 75%
of the dentists practicing in Louisiana are its grad-
uates. Many of the Louisiana Dental Center den-
tists are alumni.
New Orleans Company
Wins App Challenge
Rebar Interactive, a New Orleans digital health
company, won 1st place and a $100,000 prize in an
app developer challenge. The announcement was
made during the national Health 2.0 conference
in Silicon Valley, where Rebar Interactive demon-
strated its app live for attendees.
The ADHD Transitions Challenge, which was
sponsored by Shire Pharmaceuticals and Health
2.0, invited the submission of technology solu-
tions to aid young adults with ADHD. Rebar Inter-
active, in partnership with Omniscience Mobile,
created the Traxion ADHD app in response. Trax-
ion is based on proven ADHD management tech-
niques, which have been re-imagined for themod-
ern andmobile young adult. The app is the result
of extensive research into the unique challenges
of young adults with ADHD, including input from
ADHD coaches, academic researchers, clinicians,
parents, and patients.
“We found that young adults with ADHD were
already using their mobile phones for ADHDman-
agement. However, theywere using ill-suited tools
scattered across multiple apps,” said Rebar Inter-
active founder Rahlyn Gossen. “Traxion gives
young adults with ADHD access to an integrated
suite of productivity aids, personalized feedback,
coaching, and behavioral modification elements
uniquely tailored to their needs.”
Shire’s sponsorship of the ADHD app challenge
is indicative of a larger “beyond the pill” trend in
healthcare. “Digital health tools hold new poten-
tial to improve patient health outcomes,” said
Gossen. “With movement to an outcomes-based
healthcare system, these tools will find increasing
market demand among healthcare stakeholders.”
Rebar Interactive is a specialty digital marketing
and strategy company serving the clinical research
industry. It works with pharmaceutical sponsors
and clinical research organizations on clinical trial
innovation and patient engagement initiatives.
Rahlyn Gossen, Rebar Interactive’s founder, is co-
founder/co-chair of Health 2.0 New Orleans and
was named an Emerging Leader by BioDistrict
New Orleans.
Arriaga Appointed to LA
Commission for the Deaf
Governor Bobby Jindal recently announced the
appointment of Dr. Moises Arriaga to the Loui-
siana Commission for the Deaf. The Louisiana
Commission for the Deaf serves to advocate for
the needs and rights of people who are deaf, cer-
tify interpreters, promote and facilitate accessi-
bility of all public and private services to people
who are deaf, collect and disseminate information
concerning people who are deaf, and maintain a
registry of certified interpreters. Additionally, the
commission›s duties include, but are not limited
to, establishing and administering a statewide
program to provide access to all public commu-
nications services for people who are deaf, deaf-
blind or have other related impairments.
Dr. Moises Arriaga, of Metairie, is a Professor of
Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery at LSU Health
NewOrleans and is theMedical Director of the CNC
Hearing and Balance Center in New Orleans and
Our Lady of the Lake Hearing and Balance Center
and the Cochlear Implant Program at Children›s
Hospital in New Orleans. Dr. Arriaga will be
appointed to serve as a representative of profes-
sionals who work with deaf persons, as required
by statute.