HJNO Jan/Feb 2021

RONALD C. SEGURA, MD SEGURA NEUROSCIENCE & PAIN CENTER, AVALA HOSPITAL Ronald Segura, MD, is a native Louisianan. After earning a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with a minor in zoology from Louisiana State University, he attended LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans to complete the Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency program. He was then accepted to LSU’s ACGME-accredited interventional spine/pain medicine fellowship program. Segura is double-board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and interventional spine and pain medicine. He specializes in performing diagnostic and therapeutic fluoroscopically guided spinal injections and utilizes ultrasound guidance to ensure accuracy during treatment. PainManagement Q&A Pain – we’ve all felt it. Chronic pain – that is a different story all together. Anyone who says “just take an aspirin” hasn’t been on the receiving end of this unfortunate affliction. In this anti-opioid-prescribing environment, how can chronic pain patients be best helped? Here are the current thoughts of one of New Orleans' pain specialists: