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E d i tor ’ s D e s k
Smith W. Hartley
Chief Editor
infrastructure and life. As a matter of fact, attitude
and outcome generally go hand in hand.
There is a time and place for most things. But,
whether dealing with a problem, work, play, or even
pain, our attitude raises the spirits of all around us.
The evidence of our mind’s ability to affect our over-
all health should never be underestimated. Gener-
ally speaking, our attitude toward life can have a
far greater effect on our health than any collection
of pharmacological products. I believe people in
Louisiana have an intuitive understanding of this
phenomenon. There is a time for meds and there is
a time to gain the benefits of a well-trained medical
team. But, we can always encourage the experience
of health with a well-practiced positive point of view.
There is much happening with the landscape of
healthcare in Louisiana. Whether we are dealing
with childhood obesity or the imminent structure of
health exchanges, it is my intention that we continue
to provide complete and fair analysis of the health-
care issues facing our city.
Choose well, live in the moment, breathe, and let
the good times roll. Sounds good to me.
Let the good times roll. I truly love this mantra.
Often the imagery gets associated with overindul-
gence of alcohol or other extreme behavior. But taken
at face value, it is a wonderful secret of the Louisiana
culture. To those opposing this philosophy, I presume
it’s a preference for having a bad time.
It is well known that stress is a serious contribu-
tor to poor health. The myriad of diseases that can
result from a continual fear of the future and focus
on things outside of our control can only be estimat-
ed. Of course there is science regarding the negative
health effects of stress, but only individuals can iden-
tify with the significant impact stress creates in their
own lives, as long as they notice it.
Louisiana deserves credit in this regard. The
Louisiana culture encourages a positive point of
view. This is vital to good health. Opponents of
positive thinking will spin a positive point of
view as apathy or lack of proper motivation
to deal with real issues. I highly disagree.
One can always maintain a positive
point of view, have a good time, and
all the while seek to improve our
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